Daisy Chains Pre-School

Daisy Chains Pre-School

Daisy Chains is an OFSTED (no.221766) and Charity (no.1035276)

registered pre-school and a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance (PLA).

Tel: 01223 290512

Mobile: 07943 866294 (9.30am - 12.30)

Email: daisychains.westwickham@gmail.com


West Wickham Village Hall

High Street

West Wickham


CB21 4SB

Ofsted No. 221766. Registered Charity No. 1035276

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A day at Daisy Chains

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The children are greeted at 9.30am, and are welcomed into pre-school.

We all sit together for circle time and welcome each child by name with the 'Time to Say Hello' song.

We talk about the morning activities and our current topic.


The beginning of the session is free play, with a variety of activities provided, which change daily.

These will include creative activities, such as play dough, modelling, sticking and painting, alongside other options

like dressing up & role play, building blocks & lego, musical instruments, train sets, the reading corner and more.


Numeracy and problem solving games are also available at every session, as well as a laptop for the childrens use,

to develop their IT, co-ordination and thinking skills. Regular cooking sessions take place, with the children making something to try at snack time, like tasty fruit smoothies and 'wiggly worm' noodle soup. All activities are based on

the children's interests, and each child can make their own choices and direct their own play.


At the end of this session is Tidy Up Time, where the children are encouraged to join in, along to fun music.


Each day one child is selected to be helper and all the children sit together for snack time. All snacks

are provided and we have a programme of healthy snacks, where children are encouraged to try new

things. Food intolerancies and allergies are catered for, and Daisy Chains is a nut free setting.


It is then time for outside play. We have access to a playground and large grass recreation ground.

Activities such as tricycles, hoops, balls and games take place. In the case of bad weather we have the

advantage of using our spacious hall where many of these activities can take place inside the hall instead,

ensuring the children always have an active part to the session.


The session concludes with story time and the 'Goodbye Song'. Pick up time is 12.30, with additional lunch club on Tuesday and Thursday, which has a later pick up time of 2.30.


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